Delta Biscuit

1002 SE 5th Street


Delta Biscuits started successfully in Little Rock Arkansas and now we're very luck to have them in Bentonville. They start with a massive biscuit. It's recipe took years to perfect. They primarily make, large, quality chicken biscuits, but the same perfection carries over into sausage and other forms, as well as great sides and sometimes desserts. Two of the most popular dishes are The Big Nasty and The Madness.

The Big Nasty is a large chicken biscuit with a fried egg, gravy and bacon. The Madness is a large sausage biscuit with two scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese and local jelly.

Two instant classics.

Go see for yourself and you'll learn they offer great lunch and dinner options too. They use local ingredients as much as possible and definitely provide a bang for your buck. Don't pass up Delta Biscuits. They know their stuff!