For anyone just walking by wondering what you can do at the Ledger, here is how it works...

The building caters mostly to businesses needing a room to work, so the bottom floor is your zone. Located on the first floor is Airship Coffee Company, a bike shop called Specialized and a temporary location for the Walmart Heritage Museum. When you first walk in you’ll see a reception desk where you can get information on getting a room for your business. Keep in mind if you decide to bring a laptop and work, you will need a Ledger pass to get access to the wifi.

If you are looking for a fantastic, one-of-a-kind meeting place, you've certainly found it. Speak with someone at the front desk and they will give you a rundown of how each level works. they can help you find what part of the building best suits your needs. There is also access to a rooftop bar that is ready to plug in a keg and go. Again, for more information speak with the Ledger staff. The building is built like a giant ramp, so even if you're office is at the top you can bike directly to it.

Ultimately Ledger isn’t built for public use, but it is a top notch place to work for any business needing the ultimate meeting spot.