All events in June & July are temporarily suspended, except Farmers Market.
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You probably have a few questions...

What events are you doing right now?

Farmers Market.
We have Farmers Market rolling as a contactless curbside pickup and we're back on the square.

What will be the next event to return?

First Fridays are coming as soon as it's safe. We've started with Farmers Market on the Square, been very safe and it's helping us judge how a First Friday would go based on everyones responses. Keep checking back.

Do you have any other events planned?

We have been brainstorming some smaller, really layed back and spread out event ideas. We really want to help the businesses in Downtown and an event would do that. It has to be just right, but yes, we're going to start small and safe before going back in full swing.

How comfortable are you with events on the square?

It's difficult to decide what we can and cannot do. You're feedback is really the only way we can get a clear understanding of how we all feel. Please take this little survey and tell us everything you're thinking!

What we have going on now:

What we usually get to do:


Everything else we can find.
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