Yoga Story

100 NW 2nd St #100
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You Story has been one of the prime spots for yoga in Downtown for a long time. They know their stuff and are great at making newcomers feel welcome and relaxed. The giant pillows stacked on the floor make you want to lay down and read a good book. Probably a good idea after an intense session on the mats. If you're looking to try yoga for the first time, their experienced trainers are super friendly and knowledgeable. They make it very affordable too, try the first 30 days for just 30 dollars and see what you think. On the other hand if you need some next level Yoga their expert trainers can definitely take you there. Their space is partially a Yogi shop and mostly a giant studio. They offer massage too. Talk to Lindsay if you're interested. Events are definitely their jam. Events for kids, moms, dads, art enthusiasts - you name it. They mix yoga with a lot of things.