Happy State Co.

706 S. Main St
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Bobby and Summer Manzo run Happy State Company and have for quite a few years, but now they're in Bentonville. They specializing in being the local brand. You've probably seen them at First Fridays, Farmers Markets and craft shows all over. They create merchandise about Northwest Arkansas as well as a few surrounding states. Their shirts are hilarious, but you'll find more than just clothing. There's ways to spice up your home and accessories like buttons, stickers, balms, candles and more.

Anyone looking for a Bentonville souvenir should stop by. They also have a shop just down the road called The Bentonville Mercantile that sells Bentonville specific merchandise. A similar assortment, but more unique products because they house the work of many local artists, specifically in Bentonville. so buying from them is a great way to love your neighbor.

So be sure to stop by both shops. They're about 3 blocks or so from each other.