"We love Bentonville. The art, the trails, the people, and - of course - the great beer, wine, and spirits crafted right here in our own backyard. But sometimes you don't want a craft brewery. Sometimes you don't want a date night out. Sometimes all you want is to go to your favorite little hole in the wall place and knock one back with your friends (or even make some new ones while you're there). That's where Bentonville Dive comes in..."

Bentonville Dive was made by locals who have all had their hands in starting or working at places in downtown. Dive was started with a little different mindset. It's built to be simple. This is a great place to relax. We have a love of great date places in town, a lot of great restaurants and many places to get fantastic local beer. The goal of Bentonville Dive is to create a relaxed and stripped down version of the places we all know and love.