What You Need to Know about the #HipHopLivesHere Campaign


Hip-hop music is often the dominant genre on billboard charts across the country, surpassing the popularity of rock and pop music. 

Jeremiah Pickett (BAANG) and Jasper Logan say there’s ample room for hip-hop music to take center stage in Northwest Arkansas, and they’re campaigning to encourage our community to experience, embrace, and promote local hip-hop artists.

Here's how to follow their efforts:

1). Follow BAANG on Instagram.

2). Follow Jasper Logan on Instagram.

3). Help BAANG and Jasper Logan #PackOutGeorges on Tuesday, February 9th. Tickets can be purchased here.

4). Stay tuned, we are working on downtown Bentonville events and will announce them soon!

5). Share our story with your online network!