WATCH LIVE: MONAH's Earth Day Three Gardens of Indigenuity Groundbreaking Ceremony


Join the Museum of Native American History on Earth Day for the Medicine Garden Groundbreaking ceremony!

MONAH will be live-streaming the groundbreaking on April 22, 2021, on Facebook Live!

On April 8th, the community raised nearly $2,000 that have been matched in supplies by partners at Bogle’s Garden City and Runway Group! These generous donations paved the way for this special groundbreaking of the Three Gardens of Indigenuity: A Living Exhibition. To create these gardens we want to thank our partners at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, The Bentonville Garden Club,  Bogle’s Garden City, Runway Group, and Dr. Dan Wildcat, Professor at Haskell Indian Nations University.

These expanded Gardens of Indigenuity will showcase the three core components of indigenous natural L.A.W.—land, air, and water. They will include three teaching gardens themed on Indigenuity and developed to focus the visitor’s attention on each element through plants, material use, art, and sculpture.

The gardens will create an opportunity for re-discovery of indigenous principles and philosophies within a contemporary environment that is often damaged and dysfunctional.

These gardens will serve to heighten the public’s awareness of its connection to nature through sensual, perceptual interaction.

"Indigenous ingenuity or Indigenuity: Ingenuity borne of a long-standing symbiotic relationship between a People and a Place. Indigenuity is the creative application of ancient wisdom emergent from the landscapes and seascapes Indigenous Peoples called home."

Dr. Daniel Wildcat, Professor, Haskell Indian Nations University

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