Bentonville, AR - As the Bentonville Farmers Market transitions indoors, Downtown Bentonville Incorporated is proud to announce that the outdoor season set an all-time record for sales during the 2023 season of more than $2 million dollars.

Over the course of the outdoor season, more than 100 local farmers and makers have set up shop during the weekly Saturday market. From the second week in April until the final Saturday in October, the Bentonville Farmers Market has been a consistent stop for locals and visitors alike.

In addition to an all-time sales record, the Bentonville Farmers Market was also named the top farmers market in the state of Arkansas in the 15th annual America’s Farmers Market Celebration, hosted by the American Farmland Trust.  

Farmer’s Market manager Dylan Taylor said, “Breaking records and winning awards doesn’t come easy, but both of these accomplishments are a direct result of our local farmers and local makers.  Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. These milestones show how important the Bentonville Farmers Market is to our community.”

DBI is also announcing the return of Market @ Record on November 18th.  As the seasons change bringing uncertain weather conditions, this indoor market allows local farmers and makers to continue providing produce and products indoors.  

The 15 week Market @ Record season will have 14 markets running until February 24th. There will be no Market @ Record on December 30th.