Families Invited to Enjoy Spring Break Biking Event in Bentonville


OZ Trails and Buddy Pegs present the Family Trailcat Challenge. The event morphs the gritty world of alleycat racing with family-friendly Bentonville to provide a scavenger hunt on wheels fun for all ages.

The Family Trailcat Challenge will kick-off on the evening of Friday, March 19, with food, entertainment and festivities, followed by an all-out scavenger hunt and activities on Saturday, March 20.

“Building on the success and excitement of the OZ Glow Ride event in October, we were looking for a safe opportunity to get families out on their bikes again for Spring Break. The first organization we thought to partner with on this was Buddy Pegs. This will be the perfect spring break family event,” shared Mike Spivey, Runway Event Director.

The Family Trailcat Challenge will take family teams through the neighborhood streets, Razorback Greenways, and various trails around Bentonville, Ark., the Mountain Bike Capital of the World. Utilizing a digital app called GooseChase to find and complete challenges, families with children of all ages will choose their own route to solve riddles, ride to iconic pieces of public art and enjoy Covid-friendly outdoor activities along the way.

With riddles solved, hidden locations found and scavenged objects documented digitally, teams will race to the finish for some coveted prizes. Much of the fun will be sharing tales of adventure afterwards with new and old friends alike while riding the Mama Bear Pump track and the Buddy Pegs Bicycle Playground, set up for the little ones.

“We are always looking to build exciting, family-based events that highlight our amazing community here in NW Arkansas,” said Jannine Fitzgerald, Buddy Pegs owner, “With an alleycat type event, we get to create fun routes and challenges for every age and ability level while showcasing the incredible art, culture, and trails around Bentonville. The fun and surprises we can build in are really limitless!”

The event will be based at the Mama Bear trail next to 8th Street Market but the trailcat challenges will weave riders all through downtown Bentonville, Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, and the Slaughter Pen trail system.

Tickets are $75 per family team of four which includes the kick-off event on Friday evening, use of the app for the scavenger hunt and fun activities all day Saturday.

Limited family team spaces available. More details available on the registration page as they come available.

For more details and to register for the event, please visit the Family Trailcat Challenge Eventbrite registration page or email events@buddypegs.com.