As Downtown Construction Projects Continue, Small Businesses Remain Open


Downtown Bentonville is seeing a boom, not only in visitors attracted to our city square, but also in new building projects impacting local business.  Downtown Bentonville Inc. wants to emphasize that despite ongoing construction projects, local stores remain open and accessible to shoppers.

The City of Bentonville is starting the A Street Project. The work will span 4 blocks from Lawrence Plaza southward. Phase 1 of the project has begun at Lawrence Plaza.  This construction will create a pedestrian only walkway, but before its completion there will be traffic detours and delays.  

As this project begins, the renovation continues to The Walmart Museum, the new hotel located at the corner of A Street and Central Avenue continues to be built, and work has begun on a new parking structure on Central, east of B Street.

While these projects offer long term benefits for the Bentonville community, it’s essential to acknowledge they may temporarily impact parking availability and pedestrian traffic.

"Our downtown is undergoing exciting transformations with ongoing construction projects. While these changes promise a brighter future for Bentonville, it's crucial that we rally behind our local small businesses during this period of transition.  Downtown Bentonville Inc. encourages everyone to continue to shop, eat, and spend your dollars at our locally-owned downtown stores and restaurants, which are the lifeblood of our downtown," said Downtown Bentonville Inc. Executive Director Dana Schlagenhaft.

A local restaurant is currently dealing with construction-related closures, but Chef Matt Cooper, owner of Conifer, believes that these inconveniences are a temporary sacrifice for the sake of a long-term transformation.

“With all the exciting growth happening in downtown Bentonville, it's a bit of a hustle right now with all the construction. But remember, small businesses are the heart of this community. Let's stick together, offer our support, and keep moving forward as we anticipate even bigger and better things ahead." said Chef Cooper.

Businesses affected by the construction and traffic delays included, but are not limited to:  In Season, Conifer, Oven & Tap, Blue Moon Bentonville, Label, Remedy Road, Once Upon a Time Books, Rapha, Faherty, Strider, Azul Tequila, Moosejaw, Tavola, Tusk & Trotter, Olly Makes Bakery, Wright’s Barbecue, and Three Dog Bakery.