A THOUSAND WAYS (PART ONE): A PHONE CALL Debuts at The Momentary on March 3rd


A Thousand Ways is an enthralling, imaginative, and profound social experience that delivers us from isolation to congregation. A treasure hunt. An essential reckoning. This triptych of encounters is designed around social distancing rules to meet participants where they are and when they are.

Get to know a stranger without ever finding out who they are in (Part One): A Phone Call created by 600 HIGHWAYMEN.

On a simple phone call, two participants connect with one another and follow a series of conversational prompts—transporting callers from isolation to congregation.

Conceived and created to respond to the evolving experience of COVID-19 social distancing, Part One is a phone conversation, Part Two is a socially-distanced encounter, and Part Three is a public convening. In each part, participants are both the actor and the audience. Their words, actions, gestures, silence, thoughts, and willingness are the tools. With just two people, a telephone, a table, and a stack of cards, a new type of theatre emerges—one in which we are invited to depend on the kindness of strangers as we forge ahead into a brave new world.

Part Two (An Encounter) and Part Three (An Assembly) are being planned at the Momentary for later in 2021. Details will be announced at a later date.

Tickets cost $10 ($8 for members) and this show is recommended for ages 16+.

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