Table Mesa At The Station

409 SE 6th St
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Table Mesa's third location in Downtown is not just another Table Mesa. It completes the trio by being a burger & shake shop, (kind of like The Station Cafe before it) but with an added bar (coming soon) for drinks and wings and all sorts of good stuff. Unlike the other locations, there's is giant outdoor patio and they're working on renovating that as we speak. It'll be glass enclosed and probably a great place for a fall evening. The entire restaurant has plans to be completely renovated. Of course, the best part is that it still maintains that incredible style and flavor of Latin cuisine that only Table Mesa has. So this is bound to be unique, familiar and a local favorite for sure.

We'd tried a good chunk of their menu and the Chicken Sandwich stood out big time. It's very soft and falls apart in your mouth, without the breading being too crunchy. Try it and see what we mean. all the burgers are totally classic Table Mesa. The beef is Wagyu so your getting a super prime cut and then they go and give you two pretty good sized patties. It's plenty to eat. Of course they all come with a salad or fries and those fries are one of a kind. You have to try them. Whether you order them or steal them from your bosses plate, you may or may not regret it.

They are officially open for lunch/dinner and have breakfast on Saturdays, but an every day breakfast is something their still working on. That would be very exciting for everyone who misses the Station's breakfast and needs another good breakfast place. By the way, if you've never had the Sunday Brunch at the Table Mesa Bistro on the Square, it comes highly recommended by I think the entire world. That'd be a good way to get a peek into what it could be like to eat breakfast here.


Crispy Chicken Sandwich

The Burgers

14 Piece Wings

The Fries

Tex-Mex Queso


Saturday mornings, possibly other days coming soon.


If you need to eat gluten free, give them a call and see if it'll work for you.They will alter their menu for you.