Spud Doctors Truck

903 SW A St
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These fellas are so friendly that you'll go from being curious about this place to a fan, before you even eat your spud. It's that kind of place. You just love it right off the bat. Then you'll eat it and boom - you're hooked. For whatever reason I only imagined there being so many ways to make a spud, but that must be why they're doctors cause they must've gone to SCHOOL for this! There are tons of options and tons of hot sauces to try. If you want the hottest one you have to ask, cause boys, they keep that thing in the fridge. All their spuds can also come on fries if that strikes your fancy. (Of course it does!) They said their favorite is the Reuben, but I also tried the Carne Asada and was all about it. Put simply, this is the Yeyo's truck of potatoes. Be sure you go try them soon. Heck. Get on up and get over there.


The Rueben

The Carne Asade

The Taco