801 SE 8th St

Co-op is one of two Ramen restaurants in Bentonville and is the only one located in Downtown. Ramen is one of the only types of culinary we were missing in Northwest Arkansas and Co-Op fills the needs nicely. The atmosphere is unique, just like every location in 8th Street Market and a bow runs around $14. That's a pretty average price for Ramen restaurants in town. They offer a gluten free dish too! That's really going to make some people happy.

The way it works is you walk in and get in line at the bar. You order your drinks first (optional) and get a seat number, then tell that to the person at the register who will ring you up. Sit at your assigned seat and wait for them to bring food out to you. Even at their busiest, the wait from the back of the line to when your food arrives is at most twenty minutes. I feel like they're really pretty fast.

Long story short, this may or may not be same as Ramen you've had before, but it is excellent. I feel like it's unique in that you can only get Ramen like this in Bentonville. Other large cities have their special Ramen and now so do we.