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205 SE 2nd St
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There's a very antique antique store in Downtown right across from Dave Peel Park. They sell an unbelievable amount of old collector's toys and memorbilia. It's one of the rarest collections in our area for sure. Things ranging from little cars and figurines from the 1940's to Star Wars toys to autographed posters of iconic bands signed by a legendary photographer. All of it is available to purchase. On top of that there's a collection of old vinyl records in excellent conditions. They have the great collection of beginner and vintage guitars and amplifiers.  Instruments from the 1930’s to the 1980’s including banjos, ukuleles, violins, and mandolins. Also a great selection of strings and music accessories. Walking through is a neat experience and everyone should, even if just for a little history lesson. If you're on the square take just a few steps East to stop in and talk to the owner Jerry Taplin. He can tell you about any piece of his collection.