What to do & where to go.

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The slick dark design saves your eyes and makes new places shine brighter.

Quick find places right when you open it.

What's new, coming soon, where to get brunch, what's gluten free, check menus, boutiques, get a haircut, workout and more!

New Feature

New, Eat, Drink Shop & Art categories are in tabs right at the top for quick finds.

New Feature

Filters help you find specific places.

They're on the home page or click the filter button on the explore page to find things like parks, coffee shops, murals, boutique, local merchandise and more.

...or explore everything in one spot.

The explore page has everything to eat, drink, play, coffee up & shop. Plus parks services, art galleries and parking...AND boutiques, where to get local shirts, cups, sticker, all the murals...(catch my drift?)

New Feature

Search faster.

Results populate as you type. Not on another page. Find it in the new submenu in the top right.

Learn about places from a local.

We find out their story and what makes them unique.

Keep up with big events.

Times, places, vendors, is it free, what to wear...you get the point.

New Feature

You can update it.

Let us know when something new comes to town and add your events to our calendar. Find that and more in the top right menu. (Say bye to the ambiguous plus button.)

I saw a new place!I have an event!