Our Mission:
DWTN serves Bentonville with community-supported and community-driven media.
We provide local residents with the information they need to make informed decisions; convene community dialogue; bring the arts to everyone; champion the small business community; and grow as a city through respectfully sharing individual, unique perspectives.

Our vision:
We believe that storytelling can be used as a force for good to spark curiosity, cultivate understanding, and build bridges across differences.


Dana Sargent Schlagenhaft is our host and executive producer. You'll find her actively out in Bentonville meeting people and learning their stories. She writes, cuts & produces for DTWN Media. Dana has lived in Northwest Arkansas for over thirty years and has worked in digital marketing, broadcasting, publishing, and has been a small business owner.


Andrew Heath is the Executive Director of Downtown Bentonville Inc, our parent company, and he too is always in the community working to execute DBI's mission of creating a vibrant and diverse downtown. You'll see him in a lot of the interviews we do with people in the community and at DBI events such at First Friday and Farmers Market.
Make sure to say hello!


Tracie Kivisto is the Events Manager for Downtown Bentonville, Inc and also one of our DWTN story reporters. You'll often find Tracie at Farmers Market or First Friday. She is also working to become a licensed pilot and teaches pilates at Club Pilates in Rogers.


Brad built this site and adds content. He's spent a lot of time meeting shop owners in DWTN while while making the Downtown Bentonville App. A lot of the DBI content is his realm and you'll see some of his stories and experiences here.

What organization is behind DWTN?
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DWTN Bentonville Media is powered by Downtown Bentonville, Inc.
DBI is a small non-profit located in the heart of the city’s vibrant downtown. Our mission is to be a place-maker in the economic and cultural development landscape of downtown Bentonville, while creating the social fabric that makes Bentonville so unique, welcoming, and one of the best places to live, work, and play.

How can you be involved?
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Shoot us an email at dana@dwtnmedia.com. We would love to feature you, partner with you on a future project, or hear your ideas!

How can you help our mission?
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1) Partner with us on a future project
2) Share our stories on social media
3) Advertise within our stories or on our website
4) Donate to Downtown Bentonville, Inc.
5) Share a smile, fist pump, or encouraging word

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