The Momentary Announces the Opening of Nick Cave: Until

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Sep 10, 2020

A new exhibition will be available at The Momentary beginning on Saturday, September 12th.

Nick Cave: Until will run until early January 2021.

It is free for all to view, no tickets necessary.

Nick Cave: Until is the largest and most ambitious project yet from the renowned artist.

The immersive exhibition is a visual feast for the eyes, spanning over 24,000 square feet of gallery space at the Momentary.

Nick Cave: Until is meant to be a place for reflection and introspection on race and gun violence in America.

In 1992 Chicago, Cave reflected on the Rodney King police beatings that took place in Los Angeles. Using found objects such as twigs in the park, he created his very first Soundsuit, a wearable sculpture that defends the body and masks identity. Since then, he has created over 500 Soundsuits. In Nick Cave: Until, Cave places viewers inside the metaphorical belly of one of his Soundsuits.

The title Until references the phrase “innocent until proven guilty,” or, a reversal, “guilty until proven innocent.” According to Cave, Until came about after the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri. “I really hadn’t thought about what I was going to do until that incident happened and then, all of a sudden, it became very clear,” said Cave. Within the exhibition, Cave addresses gender, race, and gun violence in America.

Nick Cave: Until is composed of six installations that come together to create an immersive space.

To learn more about Nick Cave: Until, visit the Momentary website.

Photo and video credit: The Momentary

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