Inside the Sunday Evening BLM Protest in Downtown Bentonville

Talked to:
Bentonville Police Chief Jon Simpson, Protest Co-Organizer Jessica Angelica
Where at:
Bentonville Sqare
Jun 8, 2020

After a turbulent end to the Justice for George Floyd protest last Monday evening in Downtown Bentonville, city officials, local police, and protest organizers agreed it was time for a "do-over".

Once again, on Sunday evening, the Bentonville Square was filled with protesters holding signs and chanting for justice, equality, and an end to racial discrimination.

In a change from the first protest, event organizers worked alongside Bentonville Police Chief Jon Simpson to ensure voices were heard, safely and without incident.

We're told organizers also met with city officials days before the second protest to communicate, share feedback, and plan a course of action.

We spoke with protest co-organizer Jessica Angelica and Bentonville Police Chief Jon Simpson about their reaction to last Monday's protest and the vigil that was held on Sunday evening.

Jessica Angelica says she plans to continue to communicate with city leaders in the coming weeks to institute better policies and outreach initiatives.

Check out our video for more.

Producer note: We chose not to narrate this story but instead let the voices of the protesters, police chief, and event organizer tell the story.

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