Take a Look at How the Drive-Thru Farmers Market Will Work

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Orchard's Park
May 8, 2020

Oh markets, how we've missed you.

We are super excited to return to getting fresh goods from our incredible local farmers. There are a few restrictions, for example, we can only have produce vendors and not crafters due to COVID regulations and we have to keep people moving in their cars. We doing everything we need to to follow the rules.

The way it works is you get in your car and drive though the market. There's a lane for mobile pick-up orders if you use our ordering app or already know what you want. While you're sitting line, use our vendor app to see  what vendors are in what order and they are able to update it with what they have each week.

It takes about forty minutes to get through the line, but all in all it really feels more like twenty. It's quite a comfortable and fun experience.

Do we plan to go back to the Square?

Oh yes. Absolutely. This is a neat experience, but the Square will serve as our home as soon as we're allowed to get it rolling again. Trust us, we won't skip a beat on that!

Saturdays at Orchard's Park from 8am -1pm.

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