DWTN Now: Episode 4
Dec 16, 2021
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Curious about the changes currently happening in Bentonville? Part 2 of our interview with Steuart Walton will provide insight into the intentions behind investments and initiatives you see happening in our community.

We will cover:

• Steuart’s thoughts on the current state of our city and its growth...

• How experiences with recreational flying in England sparked a passion for aviation in our region...

• Why returning to Bentonville after living abroad was not his original plan and what changed his mind...

• His thoughts on working daily alongside his brother, Tom...

• And his response to the perception that the Walton family "controls everything" in Bentonville...

We'll also follow Brooke Bierhaus as she "staycations" at The Trailhead Mews, speaks to our featured local Amy Crain Gober, and hits the mountain trails at Slaughter Pen!

Plus, Heather Shelton explores the new Market @ Record in downtown Bentonville!


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