Bentonville Made, By Bentonville People

Talked to:
Bobby & Summer Manzo
Where at:
Bentonville Mercantile
May 29, 2020

Not long ago, it was nearly impossible to find a Bentonville shirt. A lot of people want to show their love for this town or take something back home with them. Often, people would walk through our doors at DBI and ask me for just that. I can't tell you how many times I didn't have an answer.

We just needed a little shop on the square that sold Bentonville merchandise, and that's exactly what the Bentonville Mercantile did.

Bobby & Summer Manzo, along with their five kids, started Happy State Company. You've more than likely seen at DBI's First Fridays. They have local art and merch of all kinds, but this shop is different. Their intent wasn't just to sell Bentonville stuff, but to bring local artists together in one shop. They support the work and livelihood of forty local artists, and that number keeps growing.

So in short, they have what you've always wanted and when you buy their art, mugs, shirts, stickers, etc...and you support the families who are effectively your neighbors!

Get on in there and show your city some love!

- Brad

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