Art Market on the Field Offers Outdoor, Walk-Through Local Galleries Throughout the Summer

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Jul 25, 2020

Through weeks and months of social distancing, art continues to bring us closer together.

Downtown Bentonville Inc. announced upcoming dates for Art Market on the Field, a COVID-conscious activity located downtown. Beginning July 25th, over a dozen artists will be displaying artwork from 7:30am to 1:00pm on Saturday at “The Field”, the open plot of land on the corner of Central Avenue. The green space provides an ideal downtown location for physically-distanced activities, such as Art Market.  

Displayed art will be available for on-site purchase.

Art Market on the Field will run in conjunction with Bentonville’s Farmers Market. Both events require face coverings or masks and adherence to a minimum of six feet space between attendees. Hand sanitizing stations will be available at both Farmers Market and Art Market on the Field.    

Upcoming Art Market on the Field dates are as follows: 

For more information on the Art Market on the Field, please contact Downtown Bentonville Inc. events manager, Tracie Kivisto at

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