The Bentonville Christmas Parade is one of the most classic traditions of our city. For years we've bundled up and gathered around as nearly 100 floats parade toward the square. Come experience Christmas in Bentonville and we hope it makes feel more at home.


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Live Music

At 10:30am we have a band play Christmas music on the square in front of the Walton 5 & 10.

Parade Route

The floats get ready at the Fire Station early in the morning and at 11 make their way over to Main Street. They head north to the square and then wrap around the East side, then back down second street. There's lots of viewing space on the square now. It's nice.


Applications are closed. Check back in July.


Downtown Bentonville inc is a team of seven people. We manage to do a lot, but the parade requires some more help. If you'd like to learn the ropes, we'd love to have you! Talk to Hunter and he'll get you rollin'.

Hunter Stuckey

Become a Sponsor

We all know that a great way to promote your brand is to sponsor something awesome. This event will be no exception. If you'd like to support the community by lending us a financial helping hand, talk to our Executive Director Andrew Heath.

Check back in December

The Route

Starting near the Library, the parade will go north on Main Street until it gets to the Square. Then around the square and backdown 2nd Street.