Juice Palm

801 SE 8th St
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Juice palm is a pretty rockin' place to get smoothies and food that is healthy and natural. You can taste it in every sip of those smoothies and not in a bad way. It's that good feeling you get when you're body immediately recognizes that it's getting something it needs. Free of unhealthy sugars, you can taste the freshness of the ingredients and it makes you wants another sip/bite. Next time you're at Yeyo's save room for a smoothie from next door!

Here's a snip from their website. They put it so eloquently.

It's that feeling you get when you're on the beach underneath the palm trees--that moment of tranquility and peace of mind. At Juice Palm, everything we do is revolved around the goal of giving ours guests the ability to Feel Restored™. We accomplish this by providing high quality foods, amazing service, and catalyzing decisions that make our guests better versions of themselves. From our USDA-Certified Organic juices and foods to our commitment to activeness and sustainability, we're here to build a healthy lifestyle.