Anyone using Downtown Bentonville Inc. assets should only use the logos found on our Brand Resources page and follow these guidelines. Cool? Yeah - you cool.


Balance the DBI brand with your brand.

Avoid representing the DBI brand in a way that:

  • Makes the DBI brand the most distinctive or prominent feature.

  • Implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. Unless of course you are.

  • Puts the brand in a negative context as part of a script or storyline.


Keep the words Downtown Bentonville Inc. consistent

Here's a few tips on how:

  • Keep the first Letters of each word capitalized and in same font size and style as the content surrounding it.

  • Don’t modify or translate our name to a different language or by using non-English characters, or use any of our logos to replace it.

  • You may use the abbreviation "D.B.I." but only after clearly stating our full company name.


Distance DBI from other city organizations.

We love them and work close with them, but we are our own nonprofit organization and must always be recognized as such.

  • We are not.the Chamber of Commerce.

  • We are not the City of Bentonville.

  • We are not Visit Bentonville. They take care of tourism.

  • We do not handle city permits.

  • We do not have memberships.

  • We have ownership of the Square only on our event days.


Take care of our logo. Give it a little love.

  • Never distort or change the shape our logos.

  • Leave ample amount of space around it for legibility. A good rule of thumb is to leave the same space as half the logo around all sides.

  • Never change the color of our logos. All the provided versions will look good with your design.

  • Never make it so small it's not legible.

  • Never make it the focus of your design.