Downtown Bentonville inc.

We are a small team making big events in Downtown Bentonville.

Downtown Bentonville Inc. is a nonprofit that's dedicated to bringing our city together. We do that mostly through our events. We love to work with local businesses and help them create great events too. Let us know if we can share any of what we've learned to help you do something great for Downtown.

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We need your help.

Help us keep this updated.

Brad does all the updating of this app. Yes, just one person made and updates it and he wears many other hats around DBI. Make his life a little easier and let him know when something new comes to town or if something needs changed.

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Support Downtown Bentonville Inc.

In order to do what we do, we rely on sponsorships, grants and personal contributions. Maybe you're a vendor that wants to garner attention? Consider sponsoring one of our events! It's a great way to get recognized. Heck, we can even work with you to bring something new and refreshing to town. Or, maybe you're a member of our community and love attending the markets and First Fridays. It's easy to give $25, $50, $100 or more to help the cause. Every contribution helps – they add up fast and we'll love you for it. If you like what we do, please consider it.

Who made this app?

We did!

Our designer, Brad saw that people were asking for a quick and easy way to keep up with everything in Downtown and so he just stared working on it in the midst of many other things. One thing led to another and now its here! Think of it as gift from us to you.

He also maintains it, so make sure you help him out by submitting new places when you see them.

We hope that when you're Downtown for an event that you'll use it to learn what around you and go support local business! Theres a lot!

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Our Team

Andrew Heath

Executive Director

Andrew leads the small DBI team in making big things happen. He can help you sponsor or start an event Downtown or give you a quick overview on who's who.

Tracie Kivisto

Event Manager

Tracie plans any event that isn't Farmers Market related. She can help with vendors, applying and general questions the day-of.

Stephanie Marpe

Farmers Market Manager

Stephanie answers all questions about the market, inspects the farms and manages each event during the year.

Brad Stallcup

Media Designer

Brad brings our ideas to life through design. He can help you with everything pertaining to our website, video production, app, and branding.