Who makes this app.

We are a small team making big change in Downtown Bentonville.

Downtown Bentonville Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization creating the social infrastructure of the community by fostering a welcoming environment when the world, including our neighbors, comes to work, live, and play in Bentonville. DBI’s events bring the community together so they may interact, engage, and build relationships with one another.

Our Mission

Be a place-maker in the economic and cultural development landscape of downtown Bentonville, while creating the social fabric that makes Bentonville so unique, welcoming, and one of the best places to live, work, and play.


Downtown Bentonville today barely resembles the Downtown Bentonville of yesterday. What was once was a virtual ghost town has been reinvested as a vibrant, bustling, world-class destination. We were created to bring Bentonville to life – to make the downtown region a place people wanted to visit. 

Throughout the more than 15 years in existence, DBI has been a leader in bringing the community together to celebrate what makes Bentonville so special and unique. Through the seamless executive of events, DBI has introduced food, music, and culture to a community on the cutting edge of social and economic change.

We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable when visiting downtown Bentonville. So, on behalf of everyone at DBI, welcome home!

How can you help?

In order to do what we do, we rely on sponsorships, grants and personal contributions. Maybe you're a vendor that wants to garner attention? Consider sponsoring one of our events! It's a great way to get recognized. Heck, we can even work with you to bring something new and refreshing to town. Or, maybe you're a member of our community and love attending the markets and First Fridays. It's easy to give $25, $50, $100 or more to help the cause. Every contribution helps – they add up fast and we'll love you for it. If you like what we do, please consider it.

Our Team

Who does what and how we can help.

Andrew Heath

Executive Director

Andrew leads the small DBI team in making big things happen. He can help you sponsor or start an event Downtown or give you a quick overview on who's who.

Chad George

Director of Operations

Chad is the finance man that keeps us moving forward. If you have invoices to pay, pop in with your check and ask for him.

Evan Gray

Events Manager

Evan’s attention to detail to second to none. He plans our special events and ensures that they are top-notch. If you have questions leading up to an event, talk to him.

Tracie Kivisto

Event Manager

Tracie helps with all events, but her bread and butter is the First Fridays. She can help with vendors, applying and general questions the day of.

Stephanie Marpe

Farmers Market Manager

Stephanie answers all question pertaining to the market, inspects the farms and manages all the markets during the year.

Brad Stallcup


Brad brings our ideas to life through design. He can help you with everything pertaining to our website, video production, app, and branding.

Alex Andrews

Office Manager

Alex is our downtown office expert. She assists the team with more than can be listed in this space. However, if you need a unique space to rent for an event or pop-up, Alex is the person to talk to about using our location.